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Raffle Drawing Protocol

This will demonstrate the use of NFL football stats as the seed for a trust-less distributed decentralized autonomous raffle drawing protocol! Raffle Drawing Protocol Each Protoblock Name has a known public key: joncollinsFSLR ihYQcWvQH2RQ337TPyFWjcuv7VEUjeow8pFpc8gbN8hv JackD 28HZZErFVMAiYAj5V5w8EkcSqY2DuDfJYzSxdkGF1FQdY Seed is calculated from pre-season week3 stats. 1. wait until after CIN@JACgame ends on Aug 28th. 2. take the
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Professional Fantasy Football meets Blockchain.

Protoblock is a new free-to-play game based on PPR projections. Protoblock is a blockchain based protocol designed to value pure fantasy football skill as opposed to luck. Blockchain Blockchain is terribly confusing, and more difficult to comprehend than quantum physics! YouTube: What is the best explanation of the Blockchain Yet some say it’s the greatest
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Main Event Raffle: Official Rules

TLDR Button – Main Event Raffle Express Eligibility – fantasy football players Raffle entry is available to all verified fantasy football players. Anyone with a Twitter account that has tweeted about fantasy football in the past is automatically verified. Anyone with a Protoblock Player Name from 2015 is automatically verified Please contact Protoblock for alternative
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