Fantasy Point Futures Contract Specs – Weekly

Contract Name

{NFL Player} Weekly Fantasy Points

Contract Unit

100 ƑɃ per Fantasy Points

Price Quote

Fantasy Points

Minimum Price Fluctuation

1 Fantasy Points = 100 ƑɃ

Ticker Code

{player initials}{position}{unique-code}{YY}w{Week}

FGRB17w01 – Frank Gore Running Back 2017 Week 1
TGRBb17w16 – Todd Gurley Running Back 2017 Week 16

Ticker Symbols

Start of Trading

Weekly – Tuesday Midnight EST*

End of Trading

Weekly – Kickoff of next game**

Settlement Price

Total Fantasy Points

Settlement Time

When Game is scored in Protoblock Projections Blockchain

Trading Requirements

A positive ƑɃ balance is required to open or add to a position.

Max Price


Min Price


⇒ {NFL Player} Weekly Fantasy Points contracts represent the expected value of the Fantasybits generated by {NFL Player} at weekly Settlement.

ex: the price of Frank Gore Fantasy Total contract for week 15 is the expected value of all the fantasybits that will be generated and distributed in Protoblock PPR Projections Game

⇒ Trading opens Tuesday at midnight eastern time, provided all NFL games of the previous week have completed. (*otherwise; the first midnight after all previous weeks NFL games have completed)
⇒ Trading closes at kickoff of the game played by the team rostering the {NFL Player}.

** Trading on all remaining contracts close at kickoff of final NFL game for the week.

⇒ {NFL Player} Fantasy Total contracts are quoted in Fantasy Points.

ex: “FGRB17w01 17” is read as “Frank Gore, Running Back , is expected to score 17 Fantasy Points for 2017 week 1

⇒ The FantasyBit value of the contract is calculated by multiplying the price of the contract by 100, the number of fantasybits per fantasy point.

ex: FGRB17w01 contract price of 17 is worth 17 * 100 or 1700 fantasybits

⇒ The minimum price fluctuation is 100 fantasybits making the tick size 1 fantasypoint

ex: a price move from 17 to 20 is worth 300 fantasybits per contract

⇒ A trader’s profit and loss (P&L or PNL) is affected by price fluctuations and the number of open contracts.

ex: a trader who is speculating that Frank Gore price will rise, buys 5 contracts at 17 points on Tuesday.

♦ By Wednesday the price is trading at 20. If the trader sells his 5 contracts at 20, he has a profit of 3 ticks , representing a gain of 300 fbits per contract, with 5 contracts the profit is 1500 fantasybits.

♦ If he did not sell until Thursday when the price was trading at 10, he would instead have a loss of 7 ticks , 700 fbits per contract, with 5 contracts the loss would be 3,500 fbits.

♦ Alternatively, if the trader did not buy on Tuesday, but instead speculated the price will drop and sold 5 contracts at 20 on Wednesday. Then if he buys back at 10 on Thursday, his profit would be of 10 ticks and 5000 fbits for his 5 contracts.

Player Opinion: Positive -> Trade decision – buy fantasy forwards

♦ Market Rallies: PROFIT
♦ Market Declines: LOSS

Player Opinion: Negative -> Trade decision – sell fantasy forwards

♦ Market Rallies: LOSS
♦ Market Declines: PROFIT

⇒ At settlement all open contracts are worth the actual number of fantasybits generated.
⇒ A positive balance must be maintained at all times, to be allowed to trade. Closing trades are allowed without restrictions.

♦ Positions will be marked-to-marketed to generate PnL on a daily basis. Once an account goes negative, trading is restricted until there is a positive balance.

♦ A forward contract is an agreement between two parties that will take place at a later date. No fantasybits are exchanged nor is there any margin requirement when opening a position, as long as you maintain a positive FantasyBit balance.