Super Bowl LII Trading

Super Bowl 52 Trading

Bet for or against any position player in Super Bowl 52, by buying or selling futures contracts which settle at the total fantasy points scored per player.*
* Fantasybits are needed for trading – get free coins with AirDrop

Tom Brady (QB, NE) – is playing in Super Bowl 52.

Tom Brady Futures Contract (TBQBa17w21) will settle at a price equal to the total number of Fantasy Points scored by Tom Brady in the game.

In this example, the contract will be priced at 19, based on the 18.8 fantasy points, from 224 PassYards, 2 PassingTouchdowns, 6 rushing yards, and 1 Interception.

See Scoring Rules and Contract Specs


Each futures contract has a Buyer/Holder and a Seller/Writer

A futures contract is an agreement between a Buyer and Seller to settlea transaction at a“Future” time, but at a current fixed price. At settlement, the buyer must pay the seller the agreed amount, and the seller must give the buyer the actual “cash value” of the contract.

Example: Buyer buys 1 contract from Seller at a price of 10

  • Contract settles at 19.
  • Buyers profits and Seller loses 900 Fantasybits,
    • Buyers pays 1000 Fantasybits, based on price of 10
    • Seller delivers 1900 Fantasybits based on price of 19

Example:Buyer buys 1 contract from Seller at a price of 20

  • Contract settles at 19.
  • Seller profits and Buyer loses 100Fantasybits,
    • Buyers pays 2000 Fantasybits, based on price of 20
    • Seller delivers 1900 Fantasybits based on price of 19

Buy, Sell and Trade Contracts


1. place buy order at price below, and/or sell order at a price above the expected results.

2. if price is matched, you trade is filled and you now have a position. you are either long or short 1 contract

3. if price is not matched, your order will be added to order book.

  • See Market Depth for list of all unmatched bids and asks
  • See Orders to view or cancel your unfilled orders

4. follow@prototicker to get real-time notifications on completed trades