Fantasy Point Futures Contract Specs – Season / Rest-of-Way (ROW)

Contract Name

{NFL Player} Season/ROW Fantasy Points

Contract Unit

1 ƑɃ per Fantasy Points

Price Quote

Fantasy Points

Minimum Price Fluctuation

1 Fantasy Points = 1 ƑɃ

Ticker Code

{player initials}{position}{unique-code}{YY}s

FGRB17s – Frank Gore Running Back 2017 Season
TGRB17s – Toby Gerhart Running Back 2017 Season
TGRBc17s – Todd Gurley Running Back 2017 Season

Ticker Symbols

Start of Trading


End of Trading

End of Week16

Settlement Price

Total Fantasy Points 16×16*

Settlement Procedures

Continuous ROW**

Trading Requirements

A positive ƑɃ balance is required to open or add to a position.

Max Price

Lowest of 400 or (40 * Number of Weeks left in Season)

Min Price


*Total Fantasy Points 16×16

Total fantasy points calulcated via “16 games in 16 weeks”. Week 16 fantsy points are counted twice, and week 17 is not used.

  1. Sum Week1 through Week15 fantsy points
  2. Add 2 times Week 16 Fantasy Points

This ensures the prices are quoted based on the industry standard 16 games, while keeping with tradition of not counting week17 for fantasy. Counting week16 twice enables true hedging of Season-Long Leagues where Week 16 is Championship week.

**Continuous ROW

  • Once the season starts, the Season contracts become Rest-of-Way (ROW) Contracts.
  • After each week the number of fantasy points scored is a Debited from Shorts and Credited to Longs.
  • The ROW contract price is always quoted in fantasy points scored from now untill end of season.
  • At the end of week15, Fantasy Points from 14 games has been settled, and all that remains is the 2 times week 16 scores. See 16×16*