Professional Fantasy Football meets Blockchain.

Protoblock is a new free-to-play game based on PPR projections. Protoblock is a blockchain based protocol designed to value pure fantasy football skill as opposed to luck.


Blockchain is terribly confusing, and more difficult to comprehend than quantum physics!

YouTube: What is the best explanation of the Blockchain

Yet some say it’s the greatest invention after fire!

Not to worry, there will be NO attempt to explain blockchain! Instead, we designed a free raffle game protocol where you can learn as you play.

Game Protocol

Raffle Rules

The raffle is designed as a distributed autonomous protocol. In short, this means, that there are a set of public rules that define the raffle. Also known as Smart Contract

♦ All informationis available to everyone.

♦ Everyone can independently determine the number of raffle entries and list of names.

♦ Raffle drawing and winner can be determined by anyone and everyone.

♦ Protoblock is only needed to deliver the prize.


The first step in joining the raffle is to download the App and “Claim Your Name”. Try this, you may notice something different. You are never asked to enter an email address or a password!

In this new world of Blockchain, you no longer need Google or Facebook to identify you based on a login and password!

Instead, you control your own identity! Your identity is a “private key” stored on your hard drive.

How to control your own ID

  1. Generate a public and a private key.
  2. Tell the whole world your public key – like a login name.
  3. When you want to identify yourself, you digitally “sign” with your private key
  4. When a third party receives a message from someone claiming to be you, they would verify your signature with your public key. This proves that person in control of the private key is in fact sending this message.